What Sets Us Apart

Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 on Unsplash
At Hedwig House, Inc., we care deeply about those we serve. Many people ask us “what makes your organization unique?” We believe there are several factors which set us apart from other mental health organizations. 
First, Hedwig House is a non-clinical organization, meaning we do not have doctors, psychologists, or therapists on our staff. We staff practitioners who work diligently on helping our Members achieve their goals, rather than manage their medication. 
The second aspect which sets us apart is our heavy emphasis on social skills. Hedwig House is designed for our Members to have the ability to gain and practice social skills on a daily basis. We also offer community-based social outings which allow Members to put their skills to use in various settings. 
Lastly, Hedwig House is easily accessible, and we mean this in two ways. We make it very easy to get signed up with our services through our downloadable referral quick outreach. We understand the importance and urgency that goes along with contacting a mental health service, and we are sure to get in touch in a timely manner. Hedwig House is easily accessible in another way- transportation! A hard obstacle to overcome, when it comes to receiving mental health services, is transportation. Our staff are able to travel throughout Montgomery County in order to reach our Members wherever they may be.