Making great progress!
by Hedwig House
It takes time to achieve a goal, but in the end it is worth it!
Recently a PREP Member has made some great progress toward achieving some of his goals. Member, Andrew struggled for a long time to utilize his money and make advancements in his personal life. With the help from Hedwig House staff, Andrew has been able to better manage his money and purchase his own car! This is very exciting for him because he is able to maintain a better social life with access to his own vehicle. He also has recently gained a lot more confidence and he applied for several jobs. He just got a job as a cashier at a local grocery store, and he is so excited to be working again. His mental health struggles have prevented him from working for the last several years. However, he is now feeling good about the direction he is going in life and he hopes to continue making more progress in the future!

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