4th of July
by Hedwig House

Everyone likes a good cookout!

On the Friday before the holiday, Hedwig House celebrated the 4th of July by grilling and having a party outside. Hedwig House treats everyone like family, and we typically celebrate all of the holidays together. Staff member Dan was nice enough to set up a brand new grill as well as make burgers and hot dogs for this cookout. Members really had a great time, here is what some of them had to say about the cookout: "The food was delicious and it was an enjoyable experience."- Amy, "It was great grilling those burgers, it was the best part of the day"-Robert, "It was very nice, and the food was excellent!"- Judi, "It was the perfect start to the holiday weekend!"- Monica. During the day staff and members also played some 4th of July trivia games which everyone really enjoyed. Hedwig House plans on having more cookouts this summer and enjoying this beautiful season.

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